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Trevo is a company that’s empowering dreams with a powerful product, in a $500 billion dollar Wellness industry, unparalleled systems and experience, and a compensation plan that is second to none. 

With Mark and Holli’s vision, experience and passion, Penny's expertise as a global leader and Scott's global recognition as an online marketer, TOGETHER WITH YOU, we will create an unstoppable force of positive change and prosperity as Trevo steps onto the global stage as the number one product … the number one company … the number one billion dollar brand and beyond!

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Meet Your Trevo "Global" Leadership team

Mark & Holli Stevens...

Mark, Holli, and Alexandria Stevens Trevo owners and founders

The Founders / Owners of Trevo have an amazing record of success in the direct sales industry as well as building Multi Million Dollar Corporations.

Mark, CEO & President of Trevo, is a well-known successful business owner, entrepreneur, leader, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and humanitarian. Both Mark & Holli have had many years of experience in this exciting field and are at the helm of a company that’s quickly becoming known as today’s formula for success. They have also been on the “other side of the table” as independent representatives, building organizations with tens of thousands of members.

Mark is listed in Who’s Who in Corporate America and has served on the National Industry Board of Directors for CBA as well as Chairman of the Board for ECA. Currently, he is serving on a major ministry Board and a charity Board.

Mark is author of Natural Secrets Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know About, in which he shares the secrets of achieving good health naturally. His profound knowledge and insight into the world of network marketing led to his selection as a contributing author in the best-selling book Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing.

Penny Lopez...

Penny Lopez & Trevo

Is a Professional Sales and Marketing Coach and full time Network Marketer.  Lopez is a MLM multi-million dollar earner and has been working with the international market in the Network Marketing industry for over 10 years.  She has achieved the highest levels of achievements and has been recognized as MLM Top Earner several years, MLM Top producer multiple times & MLM Top Enroller as well.

Lopez has been featured in such MLM magazines as Cutting Edge Media & Home Business Network and in 2000 an article that ran on her personal story, MLM "Rags to Riches", was voted readers choice for the year.

"I believe that no one has limitations and they should always strive for that which seems impossible and believing they can reach it," says Lopez. "By doing this they focus beyond themselves and allow their faith to take over."

Lopez is a founding member of Trevo LLC.  She believes that this company provides the most superior natural health product found on earth today with a compensation plan that has been carefully designed to allow anyone the opportunity to reach millions in income in this industry as she has already achieved.  Lopez states, " This is why master distributors all over the world are aligning themselves and their teams of 1000's to Trevo LLC."

Scott Georgeson ...

scott Trevo

Is a professional video trainer and internet marketing expert. Scott has produced advanced training courses for top organizations such as Corel Corporation and the Department Of Health. Scott has been released with the last two global product Launches by Corel Corporation and can be found on the X4 and X5 DVD's

Amongst Scott's many achievements, he established a company in 2005 that created the Smallest, Highest Quality Computer Screen recording Codec in the world at that time, still being utilized by top companies such as NASA, Qantas, Boeing, Coke, CAT, Fuji Xerox and Ford.

Scott has been working with internet marketing since 1999 and has achieved outstanding international sales for his own personal businesses and for those who have been fortunate enough to secure his services.

Today Scott Freelances his internet and Training skills and has decided to become part of the Trevo Global Marketing team..

"When you win we win"  Scott Georgeson

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